We collaborate with participating Ambassadors to keep pen pal theatre alive throughout the year. Madhu and Sarah help to facilitate playmaking and sharing our videos.


IMG_3601Madhu Sharma has been working at P.P.I.C. (Pardada-Pardadi) since June 2nd, 2008.  Madhu cares about her students and their learning, and has always supported drama work.  “I feel very happy with my students and they also feel happy with me.  I feel proud when my students perform,” she says.  She helps them to “speak perfect dialogues” but also hopes to perfect her own teaching.

Madhu is from Anupshahr, India, where her father was a government teacher (a highly respected position in rural India) and while mother stayed at home.  Madhu has three older sisters.  Her husband, Suresh, is a businessman.  Madhu loves to visit her family in her free time.





ReenaReena is a young & dynamic English teacher at Pardada Pardadi School. She holds a masters in English with a six years teaching experience. At Pardada Pardadi, she is a student favorite. Reena has a bold personality with smiling courage to face this male dominated world. She has a vision to travel the whole world. Reena thinks drama is an important process to show someone’s own thoughts and feelings to their society.  Drama works like a mirror to society and shows the reality of rural people. Through The Other Side, rural girls can show their problems and conditions to people through drama. Girls can effectively share their pain and stories with girls in New York City using drama.  Since working with The Other Side, Reena has improved her drama teaching capabilities. Reena sincerely feels that we can represent ourselves to others with drama.





IMG_5219Thanks for giving me this opportunity, this is a pleasure. I’m so excited to share my experience.
I am a computer teacher, and The Other Side assistant teacher at Pardada – Pardadi.  I also participated as a student with The Other Side in 2013 and 2014.I’m really happy with my work and I love to do my work. Simultaneously I’m doing marketing work  at ALCC (a marketing corporation.) I have completed my graduation and I will do BP-ed. That’s a bachelor’s degree in education. I will begin that degree in 6 months or so. I learned so many things from TOS like confidence and how to overcome our society problems. Drama was very helpful for me.

My dream is to join the army force. I like that kind of work, and I want to do something for my country. I want to help people. I think my confidence and education will help me to get this type of job.
My dream is also that when I have enough money from my job, that I can help poor children by teaching them and supporting them to become educated. I always pray to god that all people will have happiness in their life. After that, I feel good!
I am really thankful to Melanie, Prashant sir and my family members.



CHANCHAL AGRAWAL, ENGLISH TEACHER, Bhagwati Sarla Paliwal Education Society (B.S.P.E.S)


IMG_5326Chanchal is an English teacher at BSPES. She holds a bachelors degree in English. She also has a web design diploma. Chanchal’s nature is very friendly, so students love her. She is always looking for the future in her students. She likes singing, dancing and drama. She wants every student to have success in their life. She helps every student. She thinks The Other Side programme is a very helpful programme for girls. She wants to do something for students with The Other Side. The Other Side programme helps both teachers and students. The Other Side creates a friendship for students. It makes them have a strong mentality. Chanchal is feeling good with The Other Side.

SHIV KUMAR, BIOLOGY TEACHER, Bhagwati Sarla Paliwal Education Society (B.S.P.E.S)


IMG_5319_2Shiv Kumar is a Biology teacher at B.S.P.E.S. He has a bachelor’s degree in Biology. He feels happy with The Other Side programme. He likes this programme because he likes to apply his thoughtfulness to his work. The Other Side programme creates strong thinkers. It is very helpful because of it’s creativity and ability to generate new ideas. We can change our mentality with The Other Side. It is a vehicle for girls empowerment. Shiv Kumar believes that he should help every student because teachers help to make students’ dreams come true, and strengthen their mentality. The Other Side gives him the opportunity to make new, helpful ideas. “I want to leave my mark. Thanks Melanie, for giving me this opportunity.”





natalie 0032

Natalie is ecstatic to bring The Other Side to Israel! Originally from New York, Natalie received her BFA in Acting from Mary Mount Manhattan College, and has worked as a professional actress and singer for over a decade. Natalie made the big move to the Middle East over four years ago, expanding her professional expertise to the fields of informal education and community development. Natalie is a graduate of the Hebrew University in Jerusalem where she received a MA with honors in International Development- focusing her fieldwork on Theatre for Development and Arts Education. Fusing her passion for the arts, education, and social change, Natalie has worked with youth around the globe, most recently in India as teaching artist with the NGOs Artists Striving to End Poverty, Teach for India, and Shanti Bhavan, a boarding school for children from the lowest caste- the “untouchables.” In addition to establishing The Other Side in Israel, Natalie is the Entwine Global Program Specialist at the Joint Distribution Committee (JDC), the world’s leading Jewish humanitarian assistance organization since 1914 serving in over 70 countries.