Our Fabulous Individual Donors

Vikram Lal, Meera Bansal, Aswin Mannepalli, Hardeep Singh, Alison Cohen, Don Cornwell, Becca Lynch, Linda Lombardo, Gertrude O’Connell, Harvey Seifter, Angad Singh, Deborah Ann Woll, Robert Hamburger, Sita Mani, Lana Sendzimir, Hoang Tang, Rachel Thomases, Rachel L James, Martha Tonkin, Amy Welch, Hal Fickett, Jessica Giannone, Sarah Hankins, Grace Phelan, Akilah Williams, Bill and Beverly Closs, Jolene Molloy, Anonymous (1)

A special *thank you* to our audience members who contributed support to our public performances. Thank you for coming, thank you for giving to The Other Side, and we really hope to see you at the next student performance.

A Special Thank You to Pardada-Pardadi Educational Society for transportation, room and board during our annual month-long volunteer-based teaching posts at the school.




Foundation Sponsors

The Pollination Project

Giving seed grants to social change leaders.




Citizens Committee for New York City

Helping improve the quality of life of New Yorkers in low-income neighborhoods.




The Puffin Foundation

Providing grants to art organizations who are excluded from mainstream opportunities.








The Patrina Foundation

Improving the lives of girls and women since 1990






Open Meadows Foundation

Building community by promoting gender, racial, and economic justice.





Corporate Sponsors

DIME Community Bank

A community bank, helping businesses thrive.





KIND Snacks

A company helping to make the world a little kinder.





Eileen Fisher

Helping create an industry with a focus on human rights and sustainability.